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INTERESTS: Adventures, Travel, Water Sports, Hiking, Exploring, Music


Esther was listed as a New Wave DOP in the British Cinematographer Magazine Sept 2018. 

Coming originally from an ex-mining village in the North East, I was that kid with a camcorder that filmed everything. I loved the imaginary world that films brought. I would daydream in images to music constantly, pure escapism. The power of storytelling combined with visuals to create feeling was compelling to me. Since then I have worked hard through the industry to now be a Camera Operator / DOP, also with 2nd units and additional operator for other DOPs.


Originally I became a Self-shooting Researcher/PD, Operator for Factual which took me across the world filming, then additionally into the biggest scale of drama productions to be a fully rounded Operator and DOP. 


After gaining a First class Chemistry degree, I entered the world of media. I became a camera operator for factual and a self-shooting Researcher, and on to Producing. Realising this had taken me away from my passion for camera work, handed in my notice, entered drama as a floor runner to open up my world of possibilities. The first time on a drama set I was promoted to 1st&2nd AD on second units which gave me a great understanding of the teamwork necessary for this eventual role. The next drama saw me finally start out as a camera trainee, leading on to loader to focus puller in drama and film. I observed many talented DOP/Operator/Director combinations, and today I use what I believe makes the relationship work best. I then set up my own shoots to get my first DOP showreel which led me to work with Directors such as Maxine Peake, John McKay, etc.

"Looking back, I was the kid always holding a home camcorder, making my friends act out scenes, and also taking my 35mm stills camera everywhere with me. I got promoted with pay rises, but it wasn't enough, I knew I wanted to be a camera operator/DOP. So I gave it all up and started out again to get to do the thing I love."

With an unusual background and a career spanning a large range of roles, it has given me a unique full understanding of all the angles and disciplines required to make shooting a production run efficiently, and creatively.


My varied background in many difficult pressurised situations means someone you can rely upon with positive energy.  Reliable, and dependable.  Taking initiative whilst collaborating and getting the desired creative results. 

Operator/DOP across formats of Documentaries, Factual, Drama, Entertainment, Commercials, Live Studio shows, Corporates, Music Promos, Concerts, films, interviews, promos.

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