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E S T H E R  V A R D Y

C A M E R A  O P E R A T O R  //  DOP


"I worked with Esther on all three series of our BAFTA-winning BBC drama. She was consistently innovative, intelligent and creatively engaged. Her wit, energy and positive attitude was remarked on by cast and crew. Esther is a valuable addition to any creative team, and I have no doubt her talent will lead her to the top of the industry."

MAXINE PEAKE, Actress, Writer, Director:

"Esther is an absolute joy to work with. It was my first time directing so knew next to nothing but she was there for me all the way through, problem solving and thinking on her feet. We've now done a number of projects together. She's a real colaborator, working hard to realise my vision for the pieces. Esther did an amazing job and goes above and beyond to help me create work I'm proud of."


Director JOHN MCKAY:

"Esther stepped onto a difficult and sensitive shoot with KATY and brought the huge imagination, visual flair and good humour that has made the drama a great success"

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